Alan Pratt is a person that Dan been assigned to save in "Game Three". Alan, an attorney, was a chronic gambler, and he owed a lot of money due to his gambling. He tried to gamble himself out of the debt by gambling himself. Dan tried to help him out to step away from gambling, but he was initially unsuccessful. Alan and Dan ran into each other constantly. Dan sees that Alan had lost money. When Dan learns that Alan is going to commit suicide in a couple of days after the Loma Prieta earthquake, Dan takes decisive action to rescue him. About few minutes before earthquake, Dan pulls Alan from the gambling room. He confronts Alan about this gambling addiction and his suicide plan. The earthquake strikes at 5:04 PM. Dan rescues Alan inside a store, and Alan realizes that he has made alive through the earthquake. He changes his life, and then he becomes a reformed man. In 2007, he was an attorney who helps other people.