Air Date December 19, 2007
Written by Aeden Babish
Director Alex Graves
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Dan meets another time traveler (Don McManus), whom he agrees to help reunite with a past love; Livia lands in the present just as her wedding in the past is about to happen; Jack seeks answers from Elliot; and Katie panics when she finds blood at home, but no Dan.


  • Livia seems to be the only traveler to move forward in time. If there is only one "active" traveller at a time and if Langley's hypothesis is true, it's possible that Dan is indeed the last traveller. It's a possibillity that Evan started traveling upon Livia's death. But that is a mystery that adds to the mystique if this is the end. If the series continues and has a long life, that theory will be tossed out as
1) the opportunity for Dan to interact with present-day Livia in the 21st century is too juicy to ignore : 2) it would be too much of a burden for Dan to know the exact date of Livia's death and not be able to tell her while on their missions.
  • Dan and Katie's anniversary is confirmed to be September 24, which happens to be the USA premiere date of the series. The actual anniversary date wasn't specified in A Love of a Lifetime.
  • The last two scenes of Perfidia are a parallel to the last two scenes of "A Love for a Lifetime", with the ring in the toolbox and the camera zoom into the iris.



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