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Tanna Bloom (born November 20, 1975) is the daughter of Diana Bloom, a woman that Dan Vasser met when he ended up on a plane in 1975. Dan delivered Tanna when Diana went into labor on the plane. Dan saw Tanna as a child when he encountered her and her mother in the 1980's. Diana and Tanna were arguing because Tanna didn't want to go to her art lessons but she finally relented. Diana told Dan that Tanna wanted to meet her father but Diana didn't think it was a very good idea and that she never told her who her father was. Dan told Diana that Tanna might end up resenting her if she didn't let Tanna meet her father. Later, when Dan travels to 1994, he bumps into Tanna at the St. Francis Hotel. He recognizes her when he sees her name on something she's carrying. She tells him that she's waiting for her dad. Before she can lose her nerve, Dan gets her to meet her father, Trevor Mason. He asks her if she wants money from him, but she tells him that she has a job at Dixon Graphics and that she wants to be an artist. She tells him that she wanted to meet him because she's all that's left. Trevor tells her that he and Diana were only a one night stand. He gives her money for art supplies, tells her good luck, and leaves. Tanna starts to cry and walks out the hotel doors. Before Dan can catch up to her, he returns to the present. When Dan travels to 1995, he ends up on a plane with Trevor, who is dying from leukemia. When he encounters Tanna again, he tells her that Trevor needs a bone marrow transplant, but she doesn't want to help. When Dan is on the run from a younger version of his brother, Jack Vasser, Tanna pulls up in her car and tells him that she wants wants to say good-bye to her jerk of a father and Dan goes with her to the hospital. While Tanna talks to Trevor, Dan talks to Billy Marble, a pilot who is also looking for a bone marrow transplant. In 2007, Dan finds Tanna online and stands outside her building. She walks by him, but recognizes Dan and notes that he hasn't changed. Tanna tells him that she wasn't a match for her father and that he died in 1996. However, she was a match for Billy Marble and that he's now flying humanitarian missions. She appears in Friendly Skies.


Young Tanna and her mother Diana Bloom


Tanna and Dan meet again in the present